The Farm

The Doolhof Estate is approximately 380 ha in size and lies in a long valley below the Bains Kloof Pass. Of this 380 ha eighty hectares are utilised for vineyards, buildings, roads and paddocks. The rest remains uncultivated and is a combination of fynbos in pristine condition to areas completely overgrown by alien species and still in need of attention.

The Kromme River, which is supplemented by water from Gawie-se-water runs through the farm and is a major attraction on the Estate. However, the river is in places completely overgrown with Black wattle and other alien species. During the winter of 2006 a stretch of the river closest to the historic homestead was cleared of the alien vegetation.

During the last weeks of May 2007 rehabilitation to the cleared river banks commenced. In this operation all tree stumps were removed mechanically, the land contoured and retaining planks installed. During the winter the river banks were planted with indigenous wetland plants, trees, shrubs, perennials and groundcovers.

To further perpetuate the conservation project, two blocks of about 50 ha each below the Bains Kloof Pass has been identified for ongoing clearing and monitoring for alien plant invasion.

The clearing of alien vegetation and rehabilitation is an ongoing project on Doolhof and we are committed to saving and preserving the natural fynbos heritage on the Estate.

Doolhof Wine Estate is an accredited member of the Biodiversity in Wine Initiative which is an industry wide project to help promote the conservation of fynbos.