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Doolhof Malbec Gin

R 360.00

Very unique dark gin with typical aromas of juniper and botanicals, layered with aniseed, liquorice and sweet fruit-like aromas derived from the Malbec grape.

Winemakers Notes:
Premium Malbec grapes from the heart of the Labyrinth (Doolhof); steeped in small batch distilled gin to extract all the natural flavour and goodness.

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Tasting Notes

Use it don’t use it:
In the 18th century Gin wasn’t taxed, and it was extremely inexpensive. At the time it was also safer to drink than water, making it the number one drink in Britain, and consequently causing a lot of divorces hence the nickname ‘Mothers’ Ruin’. Today however, we have perfected the craft and the attraction to Gin keeps growing with a wide array of mixers and flavoured tonics to choose from. We recommend you mix our gin with a plain Indian tonic or sip it neat just with ice. Enjoy!


Alcohol: 44%

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